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Lynsey Salvona

Lynsey Salvona graduated from Gray's School of Art, Aberdeen in 2010 and after graduating taught art in secondary schools. Since the birth of her son in 2018, Lynsey is now developing a painting and wellness practice working from her home studio in Ayrshire. You can click here to find out more or book a session with Lynsey.

"My painting practice explores feelings, emotions and intuitive mark making. I've always had a fascination with colours and shapes found in nature, particularly natural or decaying surfaces. Whether it be the shoreline at low tide or an abandoned building, I've always connected with the lines and shapes which have formed naturally and over time. These spaces, along with my day to day environment are filled with a sense of history which I connect with through mindfulness and meditation practices. These often provoke a strong emotional response which I use to inspire and influence my work. 

I'm drawn to the elements of time and memories and try to capture this through the use of a variety of materials and surfaces. My approach is spontaneous and relies heavily on intuition. Using energetic brush strokes and elements of drawing, I am able to release subconscious and conscious thoughts on to my painting surface." 

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